I am currently Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) Foundation in the Data Science for Social Impact and Sustainability research area. I am also Adjunct Professor at the University of Torino, where I teach the course “Complexity in Social Systems” at the Department of Physics.

I studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Torino, where I completed my Masters’ Degree in 2007. The following year I entered the Ph.D. program in Physics of the Politecnico of Torino. In 2009, I joined the Computational Epidemiology Laboratory at the ISI Foundation where I completed my graduate studies under the supervision of Vittoria Colizza. In 2010, I was Visiting Research Scholar at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research of Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA. After defending my Ph.D. dissertation, I held a joint appointment between the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and the ISI Foundation as a post-doctoral research fellow for one year. Since 2014, I am research scientist at the ISI Foundation.

More details are available on my LinkedIn profile.