• New paper in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance

    JMIR Public Health and Surveillance has recently published the manuscript Combining Participatory Influenza Surveillance with Modeling and Forecasting: Three Alternative Approaches, which is the result of a large collaboration between three teams of mathematical modelers across Italy, the UK and the US. The paper is part of a thematic issue...

  • New paper in Royal Society Open Science

    The paper Assessing the use of mobile phone data to describe recurrent mobility patterns in spatial epidemic models, which I co-authored with Cecilia Panigutti, Paolo Bajardi, Zbigniew Smoreda and Vittoria Colizza, has been published by the Royal Society Open Science. In this study, we extensively tested with numerical simulations to...

  • Best paper honorable mention award

    The paper Forecasting Seasonal Influenza Fusing Digital Indicators and a Mechanistic Disease Model has been awarded the Best Paper Honorable Mention at the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web WWW2017.

  • PhD position available

    I am looking for a prospective PhD student in computational modeling of infectious disease transmission. The position is funded by GSK Vaccines and the candidate will work between ISI Foundation in Torino, under my supervision, and the Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA) team of GSK in Siena. The assignment of the...

  • Seminar at Pasteur Institute

    On February 3rd, 2017, I have given an invited talk at the Pasteur Institute. My presentation has been featured among the SAMMBA seminar series.